Monetizing The Southern Poverty Law Center

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One thing you have to hand the group: they’re appropriately named, as they exhibit an aura of complete poverty in the area of scruples.

They weren’t always so; the organization was instrumental in bringing

Mulugeta Seraw

Mulugeta Seraw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to justice three white supremacist skinheads who beat Mulugeta Seraw to death with a baseball bat in front of his Southeast Portland apartment. Seraw was an Ethiopian who was here to attend college.

Ken “Death” Mieske, Kyle Brewster, and Steve Strasser were found guilty of manslaughter; Mieske died in prison last year, having been convicted of first-degree murder. The head of the organization to which they belonged, “White Aryan Resistance”, together with his son, was sued into bankruptcy in a related civil case; he now lives in an apartment in California, subsisting on welfare.

What a difference a couple of decades can make:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has built-up a lucrative fundraising business enabling it to pay lavish salaries to those who drum up money on the basis of fighting racism and “hate groups.” The awkward fact that anti-black racial violence has diminished has not stopped it from developing other lures to keep this donations coming. The new favorite is to label supporters of traditional marriage as “hate groups.”

Their latest target is none other than the Occutards, which SPLC is now claiming are members of the radical right.

Glad the SPLC is there “keeping an eye on the radical right”. Money-grubbers. It’s a shame that they’ve been reduced to this.

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