11 Years from Now

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A different take on looking back. Take a listen: I Spy Minute Tuesday September 11, 2012

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11 years ago, it was September 11th, 2011.

11 years ago, we stood united in the face of attack. We chose to defend America against her enemies. On that day, as the towers fell, would you have imagined today?

11 years ago, would you have thought we would triple our national debt. Would you have imagined bank bailouts—and the government taking over General Motors?

11 years ago, glued to the television, would you have imagined we would have socialized medicine rammed down our throats?

11 years ago, would you have thought—for even a moment—that we would have a president who was just endorsed by the Communist Party?

11 years ago, what would have given to go back another 11 years—to 1990 to—prevent that attack? To warn the American people to rise up. To shake them from their slumber.

11 years from today, don’t look back and wish you had done more.

A better America 11 years from now starts today. Let’s roll.

For the I Spy Minute, I’m Mark Anderson.

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