The Real Choices in Election 2012-U.S. as Supplicant or Strong Nation? It is our choice.

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Yesterday, as you know, was the eleventh anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks perpetrated against our nation by Jihadist radicals that murdered over 3,000 people from around the globe in the World Trade Center. I remember President George W. Bush, like him or not, standing up with a bullhorn talking about how our nation stood with those who lost loved ones in the attack. He said that he heard us, and that the people who knocked those buildings would hear all of us soon. He spoke with pride and  strength and concluded his remarks with a heartfelt “May God Bless America”.


This stands in stark contrast with the weak, mealy mouthed and pathetic apologist speech delivered this morning by our Commander In Chief. I did not think this administration could top the insane press release from yesterday, apologizing for a video in which Coptic Christians mocked the Islamic prophet. I was sadly mistaken.


Where are the apologies for the systematic execution, rape and torture of Coptic Christians in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood take over? Where are the apologies for the horrific murder of Ambassador to Libya Chris Stephens? For the atrocities committed against his dead body which was drug through the streets? Where is the apology for the senseless execution of three of the embassy’s staff?

Don’t hold your breath, they will not be forthcoming.

Once again, our present administration has failed utterly to comprehend the nature of the totalitarian Islamists that swept into power on the wave of the “Arab Spring”. These people do not care about human life, they decry freedom and are the enemy of all things that Americans hold dear. Totalitarian Islamists respect nothing and no one and cannot be dealt with with supplication or apologies. Just as the Nazi regime could not be dealt with softly, totalitarian Islam cannot be dealt with from a position of weakness. America does not bow before totalitarianism, nor should she.

Say what you will about the GOP’s candidate for the presidency this year, but when he spoke yesterday and again this morning he sounded presidential and strong. This is the voice that I want the totalitarians across the world to hear. One that rings with strength and conviction, not hollow rhetoric or a listing of his days activities.

If you think America deserves a Commander In Chief who is educated on the nature of totalitarian Islam, Mitt Romney is the only choice. If you don’t agree, please take a minute to review the resources below.

I hope that we all remember this when we vote in November.

Romney Slams Obama Administration over murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya

U.S. State Department Press Release in response to Cairo Embassy Protest

Commentary from Dr. Walid Shoebat regarding the REAL reason for the attacks on the Cairo and Libya embassies on Sept. 11th, 2012


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