CCO Meeting Tonight – Obamacare comes to Oregon

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What do you know about CCOs? Coordinated Care Organizations. There’s a meeting tonight from 6:30-8:00 at the Salem Public Library about them.

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Tonight, from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Salem Public Library, the Marion-Polk Chapter of Americans for Prosperity will be holding their general meeting.

Tonight’s meeting is all about CCOs — Coordinated Care Organizations.

If you’re a regular listener of the I Spy Radio Show, you know more about CCOs than the average Oregonian.

Things like:

* CCOs are designed to start with Medicaid patients, but will move on to Medicare, public employees, state workers, and, finally, all of us.

* That there will be layers of non-medical personnel between you and your doctor; like Personal Health Navigators, and Community Health Workers

* That Medicaid and Medicare will have a hard cap and that rationing is inevitable

If you don’t know about CCOs or have always wanted to ask questions, tonight’s your chance. A panel with Commissioner Patti Milne, Councilman James Loftus, and yours truly will present about the background of CCOs, the implications, effects already happening on the county level, and some alarming new information coming to light.

That’s tonight, 6:30 at the Salem Public Library. Don’t miss it. For the I Spy Minute, I’m Mark Anderson

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