Humanitarian Aid

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Imagine having your leg ripped apart by a roadside bomb. The skin can be healed over time, but much of the muscle is just gone. You have to use a cane, or a walker, to get around. Now imagine that it can be fixed. As it turns out, with regenerative therapy, it can.

But an experimental treatment has tricked his body into regenerating itself, and now Strang can walk — even run — without help.

“I had no clue this even existed,” he said of the pioneering procedure to implant pig tissue stripped of cells deep inside his thigh. “I was skeptical at first, but it was amazing to learn how it works.”

While it is true that not all Islamists are necessarily terrorists, it is also true that virtually every terror attack in the past half century has involved them. Oddly, many of the victims are themselves Islamists. Collateral damage seems not to matter to the great jihadists, but it may be important to others. Heck, even injured jihadists might benefit. This technology could restore them to something close to good health; clearly, we should freely share it with them.

It’s only humane.

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