Obama's Redistribution Video

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The same day that the Romney “47% video” hit the news (which “mysteriously” has several minutes missing), a 1998 Obama video also was released in which he embraces redistribution. But what does that mean?

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Wed., Sept. 19, 2012.

Or read the transcript, below…

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I’d like to applaud Mitt Romney for not backing down on his strong stance on the 47% that pay no taxes.

Not only did he not back down, he followed it up by writing in the Wall Street Journal that it’s not about taxes, it’s about dependency—which was exactly my point yesterday.

Far more damaging is Obama’s video from 1998 in which he clearly says, “I actually believe in redistribution.”

I think Obama needs to clarify that. Does he mean redistribution by income tax? Or does he mean communist-style redistribution? Which is the actual seizure of property and giving it to others (usually to your political cronies).

I think I know the answer to that: both. He clearly believes in more taxes for the wealthy.

But does anyone remember the GM deal? When hundreds of car dealers were forced out of business and the bond holders were forced to take a loss—all to give it to his political cronies—the unions.

I’m not saying Obama’s a communist. It’s just that everything he says and does resembles communism.

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