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Over at The Liberty Bullhorn, SR Larson makes the strong case that the “47 Percent Video” was a gift to conservatives. This is an argument the Left does not want to wage, because they know they’ll lose.

We have all heard about the now-infamous video where Governor Romney talks about the 47 percent of Americans who supposedly support Obama as dependent on government. The video made quite a splash in the duck pond that is the GOP establishment. Panic erupted. Republican cocktail-party goers on the Tenderfoot Coast between Times Square and Tyson’s Corner whipped themselves for having even pondered voting for Romney. Jonah Goldberg and his buddies over at National Review are all up in arms. Media “conservatives” like Megyn Kelly at Fox News are trembling with fear. Shoot-from-the-hip columnist Josh Barro over at Bloomberg just can’t jump ship fast enough, declaring to the world that the election is now over.

Leading the scramble away from Romney is of course Bill Kristol, editor of the allegedly conservative Weekly Standard. It is not surprising that Kristol’s coat is turning left: like most people in the mainstream media, Kristol is an ardent Obama supporter (see, e.g., herehere and here).

Unlike these Cocktailers, Mainstreamers and Beltwayers, we at the Liberty Bullhorn don’t have tender feet. We are not addicted to schmoozing with liberals and we are certainly not afraid of either principles or good analysis. Therefore, we don’t panic when Governor Romney says something that is deemed politically incorrect by thin-skinned news pundits and campaign consultants.

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