The 47%

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Once again, a video surfaces that the mainstream media is sure will destroy Romney. But that sure wasn’t my reaction: when you speak the truth, you don’t run from it. You embrace it.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Tues., Sept. 18, 2012

Or read the transcript, below…

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In a video from a private fund-raiser, Romney said 47% of people pay no income taxes and that his message of lower taxes will never connect with them because many of those are dependent on government.

Well, hallelujahfinally, someone said it.

What needs to happen now is to embrace this video to the point that the mainstream media begins to think that you planted it. After all, Obama excels at changing the debate. Do the same by making him own his own policies.

Ask: Mr. President what have you done to make lives better for those 47%? The difference between you and me is that I want to get people off that list.

Believe me, there are a great many people on that list who don’t want to be there. They know they’re dependent and hate it.

In social dynamics, the rule of 10 says in any population 10% are dissenters. 10% of 47 is nearly 5%. And that wins you the election.

The problem is, your message has been about low taxes. It’s not about taxes. It’s about dependency.

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