Obama's Alternate Reality

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It must be nice to live in a world of unicorns and rainbows, where all the jobs reports come out just the way you want them. And where the past is never your fault.

It’s the Obama Advertising Land. A land that is truly special.

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In case you’ve ever wondered what an alternate reality looks like there’s an ad by the Obama campaign that tries to get you to believe we’re better off than we were four years ago.

Like anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth you have to spot the one bit of truth around which he’s warped his version of reality.

It’s like spotting the eye of the whirlpool that everything else then flushes around.

In this ad, he claims “Here’s where we are today…30 months of private sector job growth. Creating 4.6 million new jobs.” Yes, that’s true. That’s called “noooormal.”

Even in the middle of a Depression, an economy will create millions of new jobs while it simultaneously sheds millions more.

And here’s the spin: We’re not there yet. But the real question is: Whose plan is better for you?

We’re not there yet ought to have big flashing warning signs. Because we’re not even halfway there yet.

And whose plan is better for you? That’s very subtle. Because the real question ought to be: whose plan is better for the country?

But what do you expect from a guy whose constant subtle message is, “Stick with me, I’ll give you stuff.”

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