The Wolf Pack

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Sometimes events are planned, sometimes they just happen. And when they just happen, you know that fortune has smiled on you.

If you missed the Basic American Rights Series on Saturday, you missed not only a great event, you missed a chance to make connections and to tap into a greater pool of intelligence.

What do I mean? Take a listen to the one-minute audio: I Spy Minute for Monday, Oct. 1st, 2012

Or read the transcript, below…

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Andy Grove, one of the co-founders of Intel, has written about how moving manufacturing off shore relocates the natural clusters of intelligence.

As people work together innovation and invention naturally result from solving problems.

This is why it’s so important to bring people together. People with different expertise talk, connections are made, and suddenly new ideas and opportunities spring up.

We had just such an event happen at the Basic American Rights Series on Saturday.

I Spy Radio and Americans for Prosperity brought together four dynamic speakers. One of them, Representative Ken Ivory, was at our table when Ann McElhinney was showing a map of massive oil fields now open due to fracking—and many of the swing states were sitting right on top of them. It’s not the auto bailout, that’s working; it’s fracking.

Ken turned around and said, “I need to talk to her” because he’d immediately had the idea to get this to the Romney campaign.

We conservatives need to get together more often. Don’t think of it as being prairie dogs, think of it as a wolf pack.

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