Romney Wipes The Floor With Obama In First Debate, Liberals Freak Out

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Ever since Romney went for the jugular on his opponents in the GOP primary, I’ve been waiting for him to show the same steel-spined, no-holds-barred attitude towards the most dangerous, destructive president in modern history.   Tonight, the gloves FINALLY came off.

Obama hasn’t had to debate or take a difficult question from a reporter in almost four years.   Faced with cold, hard, facts, he was completely unable to fight back with anything except recycled talking points, worn out promises and tired excuses.

Towards the end I could tell that Obama was getting really defensive and angry.   He shot Romney the same stink-eye that he gave Netanyahu when the Israeli Prime Minister schooled him on the realities of middle eastern relations.

Romney appeared completely at ease, like he was getting a kick out of the whole thing and really enjoying it.  Obama looked as if he’d been dragged there against his will…”How dare they question and challenge me!  What?  No teleprompter???”

Joel Pollack opines at Breitbart:

Halfway through, they should have stopped the fight.

Gov. Mitt Romney eviscerated a staggering and bewildered President Barack Obama tonight in one of the most lopsided presidential debates in American history. Throughout the debate, which focused on domestic policy, Obama looked shaken, rarely looking at the camera, reciting old talking points and filibustering as Romney gave a master class at the University of Denver.

[…] Again and again, Romney returned to his theme: creating jobs. He did–as expected–take Obama to task for misrepresenting his policies, principally Romney’s tax policy, which Obama referred to, even after being corrected, as a $5 trillion tax cut. But Romny exceeded expectations in focusing on the end result he wished to attain–and which, he said, the president wished to sacrifice: creating jobs for a struggling American workforce.

[…] Romney came armed with some memorable one-liners. He called Obama’s economic policy “trickle-down government.” He called the decline in household incomes under the Obama administration the “economy tax.” And–most memorably–he attacked Obama’s green energy subsidies, including Solyndra, Fisker, Tesla, and other failures: “You don’t just pick the winners and losers. You pick the losers.” Obama had nothing in response.

Obama refused–as he has done throughout the campaign–to adopt the stance of the incumbent, and tried to fight as the insurgent challenger, as if his own record were not up for debate. But Romney refused to let him escape–and soon Obama began making several blunders, stating at one point that he had conversations with Americans about their health care “four years ago”–i.e. not since he has taken office. He even turned his frustration upon moderator Jim Lehrer at one point, accusing him of interrupting him.

[…]  Yet Obama seemed uneasy simply to have a worthy opponent on the other side of the stage. He could not even articulate his oft-repeated philosophy of government in the most basic terms, borrowing from the likes of Barney Frank in describing government as “the things we do together.” Romney gave a straight answer: that the role of government is simply to defend the principles of the Constitution and the founding documents, without replacing the roles of individuals and communities in helping the less fortunate.

Even conservatives who predicted that Romney would do well could not have imagined that he would do this well. It was as complete a victory as any presidential challenger has ever scored–and it exceeded even the hopes of Romney’s most fervent supporters. Obama came across as a politician–a rattled one, grinning and frowning, searching for a way out. Romney came across as a problem-solver, and–amazingly–more in touch with the American people.

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The next debate will pit VP pick Paul Ryan against bumbling Biden.  I’ll be popping some popcorn for that show.

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