“Occupy Unmasked” Premiers In Portland

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Portland gets its first look at this eye popping documentary which exposes the true origins of the Occupy movement, and provides first hand accounts of the violent events the mainstream media refused to cover.

Many of you know me for my YouTube channel Daylightdisinfectant and the videos I have made exposing the Left in Portland.  I began filming as a hobby in 2010 and never dreamed that I would create a channel that would get well over a half million views.  It’s been exciting getting my videos on Hannity, O’Reilley, Glenn Beck, and other national programs.  I’ve been assaulted, insulted and maligned; but the feeling of making a difference exposing the truth has made it all worth it.  During this time VictoriaTaft, John Kuzmanich , Jayne Caroll, Bill Post, and Lars Larson gave me a lot of encouragement, allowing me to come on the air and tell my side of what has traditionally been a one sided story here in Portland.  My friend and conservative blogger extraordinaire Jeff Reynolds offered me space on 5440fight.com to help elaborate on the videos.

Back in February I was invited down to Los Angeles by Andrew Breitbart to be interviewed about Occupy Portland and to provide my video clips to the producers of “Occupy Unmasked,” a Citizens United documentary.  Andrew saw Occupy for what it was, not a grassroots’ movement like the TEA Party, but a well-financed and organized top-down Leftist assault on the American way of life.  In the name of  “Social Justice,” Occupy felt morally justified in raping, assaulting, and destroying property; amongst many other crimes.  Conservative Citizen Journalists including myself felt otherwise.  Sadly, Andrew passed away during the making of the film.

I was motivated by lots of other local videographers to be there and film Occupy.  In many ways their videos are far better journalism than my own, and I view my participation in the making of the film as a representative of all of them.  I owe them each a debt of gratitude.  By altering my running routes, I was able to be down at Occupy when others weren’t, and got some amazing stuff.  This culminated with a KGW news crew being assaulted by Occupy.   This is one of the largest viewed videos on my channel.  I was pleasantly surprised when portions of the clip appeared at 1:08 for the long version of the trailer below.


On September 21st, the film opened to surprising success in four cities across the US.  As of October 4th the film had brought in a domestic total of $52,768, a pretty amazing early tally for a low budget documentary.  Many viewers have come away stunned and spellbound by the level of violence and obscenity demonstrated by Occupy and captured in the film.  Sneak previews in Conservative venues have brought standing ovations.

This month, thanks to some very hard work from the fledgling Portland State University (PSU) College Republicans, “Occupy Unmasked” will make its big screen premier here in the City of Roses.  Let me be frank:  my hard work in the production of this film is a personal gift to the Occupiers, who a year ago saw fit to destroy a large portion of our City in order to serve their own selfish interests.  Make no mistake:  they did this with the assistance, tutelage and guidance of our (thankfully) outgoing Mayor Sam Adams.

I’ve yet to see the film, but one glance at the trailer, and I’m sure you’ll agree it will be worth the 3 bucks admission.  Director Stephen K. Bannon and Producer David Bosse have surely created a fitting tribute to the legacy of Andrew Breitbart, who was my inspiration.  Let our work be an inspiration to others and serve as an enduring reminder that we should never let our City be taken over by these violent cretins ever again.  I hope you’ll join me and demonstrate your support for the PSU College Republicans by coming to see the film.  Enjoy the show.

 “Occupy Unmasked,” with appearances by Andrew Breitbart and local Citizen Journalist Dan Sandini shows one night only, Friday October 26th 2012, 7 PM at 5th Avenue Cinema, corner of SW 5th and Hall in Portland Oregon.  Tickets are free for PSU students and $3 for non-PSU at the door.


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