Occupy Stages Another Violent Protest, Plans Next Assault on Media

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Dateline Saturday, October 12, 2012.  Last night Occupy Portland staged a violent protest, destroying personal property and causing havoc in the streets of Southeast Portland.  The group smashed windows in a local drug store and a branch bank office.  A local Citizen Jounalist with the YouTube channel“BareItOrBearIt” was there to capture the aftermath.


The rationale?  Apparently Occupy Portland members were angry about anarchists friends having been jailed for their violent acts during the recent May Day rally held in Seattle Washington.

In online forums, Occupy can be observed gloating about the melee which will surely cost local businesses thousands of dollars to repair.  This is money which could be going towards more jobs or increasing the salaries of existing local employees.


Someone identifying themselves as Jess E. Hadden writes:

Having some drinks at Nicks Coney Island.  A cop walked in, and questioned the barkeep.  We asked her what that was all about.  She explained “some protestors took one of our chairs and threw it through the Wells Fargo Window.”  I said, “That’s fucking awesome.”  She said, “I know! Fuck Wells Fargo.” [emphasis added]

This protest is reminiscent of Occupy Portland Protests last February which destroyed the property of local shopkeepers in southeast Portland.  During that event the self described mob shouted profanity, broke windows, and sought to intimidate police and citizen journalists who would try and film it.  In that case Portland Police responded with the riot squad and a total of ten arrests were made.  The video is linked below.


Meanwhile we are closely following plans by Occupy Portland to disrupt the forthcoming showing of “Occupy Unmasked” which makes its Portland Premier a week from this Friday at 5th Avenue Cinema.  Occupiers are actually discussing assaulting the videographer in open social media forums.  More here as the story develops.


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