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The big news this morning isn’t just Obama lying, but the “moderator” as well.

Don’t blame Candy. She’s merely doing what she’s been trained to do. It used to be that reporters reported the news, now they’re told in journalism school to interpret the news for their hapless audience. Thus, stepping in to the middle of a debate to “interpret” what Obama meant when he used the all important key word “terror” was simply part of her training.

But it was a brilliant move by Romney to get it on the record. Take a listen to find out why: I Spy Minute for Wed. Oct 17, 2012.

Or read the transcript below…

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So the big news this morning is all about the president’s handling of Libya and when he started to call it an act of terror.

Candy Crowley, the Obama spokeswoman—er, debate moderator—said Obama did call it an act of terror in the Rose Garden.

Even ABC continues the lie. This morning, their reporter said that Obama was correct last night and did use the phrase acts of terror. Except he wasn’t referring to the Benghazi attack. This is what infuriates me and I’m sure a lot of you.

I guess what passes for truth in the eyes of the press is referring vaguely in uncertain terms to something that might have happened and as long as you use a key word, you technically haven’t lied.

Like how I used the word “candy” earlier. According to ABC, this whole I Spy Minute has been about sugary treats.

What this does do, is to set up—rather brilliantly—the third debate, which is all about foreign policy. Do you think that the Libya question and what Obama knew and when he knew won’t come up?

And by then the people will have done their own investigation and reporting, something the media used to do.


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