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It’s always fun to interview a nationally known guest. It’s even better when they bring just a touch of controversy — and a whole lot of insider insight. This week on the I Spy Radio Show: Dr. Jerome Corsi. Can’t quite place him? Two words:

“Birth certificate.”

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Friday Oct. 19, 2012. Or read the transcript, below…

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Someone once said, “A blank page is God’s way of showing you how hard it is to be God.”

That’s why it’s always remarkable when a writer makes it into the ranks of the best-sellers list. It’s even more remarkable when they make it twice.

This week on the I Spy Radio Show, we talk with one of these rare individuals, Dr. Jerome Corsi who has two best sellers and now a third book that’s rapidly climbing the list.

A senior staff writer for WND, or World Net Daily, he’s perhaps best known for his investigative work on the Obama birth certificate.

Regardless of what you think about Obama’s birthplace, any first-year graphic-arts student could tell you that the birth certificate released by the White House to great fanfare was a forgery.

And that begs the question—why?

Well, we’ll ask Dr. Corsi that—and talk about his newest book: The Great Oil Conspiracy and how we’re on the verge of true energy independence. And get some inside information from his contacts in Israel think about Obama and the election.

That’s tomorrow, 11 to noon. Join us as every week, we try to get a little more intelligence on big government.

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