Desperate Katie

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Failed career politician Kate Brown, facing endorsements against her by all major newspapers in the state, is desperate to retain her current office (such a pain to have to take down all the decorations). Laughably, among her latest attacks on her challenger is that he has “not one moment of experience in elected office.”

#Korruptkate: that’s your problem: you have too much “experience”, and we don’t like what has resulted. Career politicians like you are the problem, and it’s clear that your rabid partisanship, your mud-slinging, and your single-minded insistence that with your 20 years of “experience”, you Know What’s Best, coupled with your overall incompetence, actually have combined to create more problems than they resolve.

Our nation’s Founders envisioned a system of citizen representatives – not a system of lawyers who make politicking a career. And that, Katie, is precisely why you need to lose this election: you’re a lawyer and a career politician – precisely the antithesis of what is needed in this country and in this state.

And a growing number of people are awakening to the fact, dear comrade, that you and your ilk are damaging. You may discourage voter identification laws, rally dead people to vote for Democrats, postpone elections, and toss citizen initiatives – but the people have had enough.

Enjoy your PERS pension, and stay out of our lives.

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