All The News That's Fit To Fake

Posted on October 22, 2012 by


Despite the fact that there have been at least two stories somewhat critical of Obama in recent weeks, some still cling bitterly to their mantra that the liberal media is in the tank for Barky. As it happens, CBS hasn’t been especially successful at contributing to the effort to dispel such perceptions of the MSM:

Phoenix, Arizona CBS News affiliate KPHO ran a lower third graphic that showed that Obama had won the Nov. 6 election over Gov. Mitt Romney with 99% of the precincts reporting. The lower third graphic appeared around 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 19, during an episode of “The People’s Court.”

It claimed that Barky got 43% to Mittens’ 40% of the vote. Presumably, the remaining 17% were tied up in that 1% of precincts that hadn’t yet got around to reporting. In other news, they still air “The People’s Court”.

And that lovable little talking head, former CBS anchor Dan Rather, is out and about, spreading more conspiracy theories of how the Republicans are positioning themselves to steal the upcoming election:

The guy makes Olbermann look sane, and that’s not easy.

But between NBC and CBS bouts of idiocy during the past few days, they’re really giving us no reason to regard them with anything akin to seriousness.