Union Sends Intimidation Letter To Oregon Voters

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Unfortunately, unions in Oregon have a history of thuggish behavior like this.   They’re terrified of a Wisconsin-like Scott Walker moment that would threaten their stranglehold on the purse strings and power in this state.

Breitbart reports:

Voters in Oregon are receiving a mailer from the AFL-CIO that could imply their votes in the upcoming election will not be secret.

“Your voting history is a matter of public record,” the mailer says on the cover of a trifold pamphlet, which lists the union’s positions and its endorsed state and local candidates inside.

In fact, a voter’s precise vote is secret, though the fact that they have returned a ballot in Oregon’s mail-in elections would be a matter of public record.

The reverse cover of the pamphlet features an historic photograph of a union strike, in which the worker in front is carrying a poster that reads: “DO NOT CROSS OUR PICKET LINE.”

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