Occupier Busted Over Weekend Identified As Homophobic TEA Party Trasher

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BREAKING.  5440FIGHT.COM EXCLUSIVE.  Dateline November 4, 2012.  The Occupier busted over the weekend for assaulting police officers and stealing a police bicycle is the same Occupier who participated in the TEA Party trashing and gay bashing in April 2011.  Johnny Christopher Wells, a known anarchist has been charged with seven counts, including felony robbery and attempted assault on a police officer.  Wells can be seen in the video below (moving left to right at 0:33) committing the alleged crimes outside the Lloyd Center Mall on Saturday.  Here’s the link to the police files.

For a year and a half Citizen Journalists have been trying to identify Wells who often hides behind a bandana.  Known previously to reporters only as “Felon,” Wells engaged repeatedly in hate speech against homosexuals during the Democratic Party’s Trashing of the TEA Party in April 2011, organized by Democratic Party operative Jamie Earl.  Earl has Friendship connections to Multnomah Democratic Party Chairperson Carla “KC” Hanson.

Homophobic Slurs: Left: Johnny Christopher Wells: “Right here you fucking homo,” (holds cell phone as phallus as accomplice “flips the bird” )
Right: Occupier Neil Thomas Loehlein (ISO) to videographer:
“Hey that guy’s a fu@kin’ Teabagger!”

Here’s the video of Wells assailing the reporter.  He appears at 1:33 .  Also appearing is Neil Thomas Loehlein who engaged in similar behavior (see photo).  Loehlein continues to participate in International Socialist Organization meetings held on the campus of Portland State University at taxpayer expense.

Will Occupy Portland come forward to publicly disavow any association with Wells and Loehlein given that they engage in what the Left defines as “hate speech” against homosexuals?

Thanks to Laughing at Liberals for their help in writing this story.


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