Deciding the 2012 Vote

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Quick quiz: How many people were on the ballot in 2008? Two? Three? More than 10?

While like a lot of people (the intelligent ones anyway), I hope Romney wins in a landslide. And he likely will — if everyone who should vote for him does vote for him.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Mon Nov 5, 2012. Or read the transcript below.

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We’re down to the wire now in the presidential race. And it just may be that Christians and so-called “undecided”’s will decide the race.

But not necessarily in the right direction.

In 2008, only 63% of Christians voted. McCain lost by 9.5 million but 9 million Christians didn’t vote at all and another 10 million never even bothered to register.

So far this morning, I’ve heard on Twitter that some evangelist claims over a million Christians will write in “Jesus Christ” on the ballot. And on Glenn Beck that some Christians don’t vote because they believe it’s in God’s hands and whatever will happen—will happen.

Where else in life does that work? Do they get into a car, sit behind the wheel, and say, “Lord, take me there”?

Aside from the Christian vote, those choosing neither candidate might also have an impact.

In 2008, besides McCain and Obama, there were 22 other candidates who qualified for the ballots in one state or another. These official candidates and various write-ins siphoned off 1.9 million votes. That was nearly 1.5% of the entire vote.

You only have one vote. Be sure to vote. And make it count.

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