Occupier Anarchist Arraigned on 7 Counts: Declines Victoria Taft Interview

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Dateline November 5 2012 – Portland Oregon:  Alleged felon, Occupy Portlander, and verbal gay basher Johnny Christopher Wells was arraigned on 7 counts including felony robbery and attempted assault on a police officer.  The reporter approaches outside the court room in Justice Center and offers a live on-phone interview with talk show host Victoria Taft.  The perp declines and the interview is interrupted by the court recorder who calls the journalist into the courtroom.  Off camera and inside Wells pleads not guilty and the case is continued.  The judge issues a protective order for the officer who was allegedly assaulted.  Wells is notorious for shouting anti-gay slurs at members of the Oregon TEA party at a peaceful rally held April 15 2012.  (see video here http://youtu.be/V7l-pEBYeLI)

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