On Eve Before Tough Election: Jefferson Smith Runs From Questions on His Checkered Past

Posted on November 5, 2012 by


Dateline November 5, 2012 – Portland Oregon:  On the evening of a tough election Mayoral Candidate Jefferson Smith refuses to answer questions from the media regarding his checkered past.  We caught up with ” the Jeff” outside Portland City Hall where he was making an appearance for an Occupy event.  Just this past weekend Occupiers staged an event at which police officers were attacked and their bicycles stolen.  Smith has been photographed sitting under Occupy banners at previous Occupy events.  Smith faces controversial events from his past including beating a woman in the face while in college, being thrown out of athletic events, and failing to maintain proper insurance on his motor vehicle.   Somehow Smith doesn’t want to answer our questions.   “It’s good to see you though …”  He quips as he rushes off.  Riiiight.  Somehow from the look on his face I don’t believe him.  There must be someplace I have to be.

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