Fresh From Victory, Obama Admin. Prepares To Target Gun Ownership

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Not even 24 hours, and they’re already going after our right to personally defend ourselves. This is going to be a LONG four years!

Louis Charbonneau reports at Reuters:

Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

U.N. delegates and gun control activists have complained that talks collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as supporting the pact, a charge Washington denies.

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Funny how Obama didn’t bother to mention this part of his agenda during the campaign.

Fun fact: every nation that has ever conducted a mass confiscation of guns and disarmed its citizenry has committed genocide against that same population within 6 years.   Tyrants hate it when their intended victims can shoot back.

If American or international law enforcement actually tried to start confiscating guns, it could be the trigger that sparks an outright armed rebellion.

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