Keep the Faith

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If there ever was a time to start a movement, that time has come. Did we really think that our everlasting freedom would be won by a few funny tweets, a handful of hashtag hijacks, and a charismatic duo in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? To believe that freedom could be won so easily does a disservice to the immense worth of freedom, and also a disservice to the things we are capable of.

Will we be fair-weather patriots? Because our battle just became more difficult than any of us could possibly imagine. Are we going to sit down now, and say, “take me away,” or are we going to stand up and show the world what we are <em>really </em> capable of.

We have not yet begun to fight.

But it is a bittersweet moment, now. We’ve just watched an election slip through our fingers, and with it, the chances for an easy fix. But once you see God’s hand in it, things become clear. We will prevail.

I want to leave you with a song. I wrote it months ago, and the lyrics are even more true today. I pray that it gives you hope, calms your heart, and prepares you for the long voyage ahead. We will be walking together as patriots, every step of the way.

God bless you, and “Keep The Faith

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