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I’m a day late posting this but in case you’re still depressed over the election, here’s yesterday’s I Spy Minute.

Don’t give up hope, have some trust that we are exactly where we’re meant to be.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Wed Nov 7 2012

Or read the transcript below.

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Yesterday, I said to have faith and that God didn’t wake us up so we could go back to sleep.

And that’s still true today. But today is about trust.

Yesterday, I also said that belief is an inward hope; faith is belief put into action. You believe the engineers designed and built a strong bridge. Faith is when you actually cross it.

Trust is when you get to the other side—and it’s not what you expected. But you still trust that there’s a reason for why you’re here. That there’s bigger plan at work but we just can’t see it yet.

In 2008, many of us were dispirited—and look what 2010 brought.

For the next two years, we need to focus on education. We’ve warned people against Obamacare but that means nothing to a larger populace that has no clue what socialized medicine is.

And if we haven’t given people a foundation, it’s like trying to build a house by starting with the second floor.

So I will trust that in 2014, when many of Obama’s real policies will kick in, many more Americans will wake up. Right now, too many can’t visualize it, they need to experience it. And they will.

Believe. Have faith. And trust.

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