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Conservatives seem to be on the defensive, especially here in Oregon. And yet we have a thread of hope–real power given to us–even in the heart of Oregon.

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In Greek mythology the legendary architect, Daedalus, built the labyrinth, an incredibly complex maze of twisting passageways to house the Minotaur—a horrible monster that was half-man, half bull.

The Greek Hero, Theseus, decided he would kill the Minotaur and put an end the human sacrifices. But even if he did find and kill the Minotaur, the Labyrinth was so complex he would be lost forever.

But the King’s daughter fell in love with Theseus and gave him a spool of thread that he unraveled as he went so he could find his way back.

After this election, it may feel like we’re lost in our own labyrinth. Here in Oregon, we lost ground, losing our tie in the house and every statewide office. It feels hopeless.

But like Theseus, we have a string to follow, and it reaches back to 1787. Our Constitution.

This week on the I Spy Radio Show, we talk with Representative Ken Ivory of Utah, a constitutional scholar and states right advocate. Unlike Daedalus, the architects of our Constitution gave us a way out.

That’s tomorrow 11 to noon on the I Spy Radio Show. Join us. And let’s find our way back.

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