Payback: Obama Gives Unions Access To Personal Contact Info Of Non-Union Workers

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If you’re not a union member, be prepared to be hounded and harassed…and DON’T SIGN ANYTHING, even if they claim it’s just a “petition” or “survey.”

A lot of people are going to be unpleasantly surprised when they discover that union organizers have been given their phone number, e-mail and home address without their knowledge or permission, and that union workers have no legal restrictions on how often they may contact and harass you – no matter how many times you say “no!”

From the Washington Examiner (H/T Gateway Pundit):

President Obama’s labor regulators are preparing to give his “army” of unions the private contact information of workers employed by non-union companies, as part of an array of rules to facilitate and finance union expansion.

“The National Labor Relations Board is expected to start work on a rule that would force businesses to turn over workers’ phone numbers, emails and shift times to union organizers,” the Associated Pressreported this week.

It’s an effort to enhance the unions’ voter contact operations, in effect, as current law only requires companies to give union organizers the home addresses of the workers whom they hope will vote to unionize.

“What this is trying to do — arguably, it violates the workers’ privacy — but facilitate the union getting in touch,” The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk told The Washington Examiner. “It is just going to be a headache for workers. You tell the union organizer ‘no’ once and they just keep coming back can come back and they keep harassing you and now they’ve got your phone number that they can be calling you on — now they can be spamming your email.”

In conjunction with the regulation aiding union organizers, the Obama team appears poised to curtail company management’s ability to get outside advice in how to argue against union drives. “A new rule expected from the Labor Department would force companies to reveal relationships with so-called union-busting consulting companies even if the companies have no contact with workers,” the AP noted.

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Time for non-union members to get themselves a lawyer who’s familiar with restraining orders.

I recommend signing up with a pre-paid legal plan as insurance, just in case.

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