Check, Please

Posted on November 20, 2012 by


You may recall back in 1984, when the RINO Bob Packwood worked with Leftists to strike a number of tax deductions that had been widely used by middle-income earners (under “tax simplification”, natch). Suddenly, fuel taxes, credit card and auto loan interest, and a host of other deductions were swept away – and equally suddenly, Americans were taxed on any interest that may accrue in a savings account, every year.

Packwood actually had the audacity to run for re-election on this great set of changes, bragging about how he’d worked “to put more money in your jeans”. The complete disconnect between a worker and his money so profoundly evidenced by Packwood alone made him deserving of the RINO title. Regardless of how many times it’s stated, RINOs and Leftists simply do not grasp the fact that your money doesn’t belong to the government.

In keeping with this grand tradition, one of the options now being discussed by the usual suspects involves the elimination of state and local taxes as federal deductions; in essence, this is no different from the precedent of eliminating fuel taxes as a deduction. As it stands now, after all, we already get taxed twice for the same purchase: once at the pump, and again in April. By this logic, there’s no reason why your $50,000 gross pay shouldn’t be taxed three times: once by the Sam Adams of your local world, once by the John Kitzhabers of your state world, and once by the Barky Obamas at the federal level. And the beauty of it is that none of the entities have to bother with considering the fact that another has taken part of that paycheck – everybody gets to impose taxes on the same $50,000 as though they were the only ones poking their fingers into the pie.

Such a sweet deal, eh?