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Announcing a live, on-air brainstorming and strategy session — this Thursday (Dec. 6th), noon to 3 pm, hosted by Mark Anderson of the I Spy Radio Show. We want to know: where does the Republican Party go from here? It’s time to ask the hard questions!

Take a listen: I Spy Minute for Tues. Dec 4, 2012. Or read the transcript below.

Call-in line for Thursday’s show is 503-393-1430 or email your thoughts to

@iSpyRadioShow #iSpyMin

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When it comes to business strategy, it’s important to ask the “hard questions”: Can we really compete? What are our weaknesses? And what can we do better than anyone else?

When it comes to party politics, it seems to me these same questions need to be asked. So, as a recently elected delegate to the Marion County Republicans, I say, Let’s ask!

This Thursday, from noon to 3, I’ll be pinch-hitting for Bill Post during his show, and I want to know your thoughts on how to fix the Republican party.

This will be a live, on-air, strategy and brainstorming session featuring your input. I’ll also have a live, online whiteboard where we’ll capture your ideas in real time and at the end of the show, we’ll freeze it, and hand it off to the Marion County Republican Executive Committee—and to other county chairs who’d like a copy.

So if you’re upset with or excited about the Republican Party, I want to know. And what your thoughts are to fix things.

Don’t know how to fix it but are just mad? That’s okay! I still want to know. Sometimes, it’s easier to know what you’re mad at than how to fix it—and someone listening may have the solution.

Join me this Thursday, noon to 3, here on KYKN. This is your chance to be heard.

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