GOP Prepares To Surrender The Party’s Last Issue Advantage: Taxes

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They’ve caved on more spending.  They’ve caved on bigger government.  They’ve caved on illegal immigration and welfare and crippling cuts to our military.

Now the Republicans are preparing to cave on one of the last reasons anyone might consider voting GOP: raising taxes.

If they cave on this, the Republican party is as good as dead…and Obama knows it, which is why his entire strategy is not to fix the fiscal crisis, but to split the Republican party by pressuring the GOP leadership to betray their principles and their base.   Sadly, they’re dumb enough to take the bait.

Mike Flynn observes at Breitbart:

For most of my adult life, there has been one thing I could rely on with the Republican Party; they weren’t going to raise my taxes. Sure, President George H.W. Bush did it in 1990, but his shock reelection loss quickly taught the party a lesson. Tax policy was one clear issue advantage the GOP had over the Democrats. Yesterday, Speaker Boehner released a Democrat-inspired “fiscal cliff” offer that finally surrenders this advantage. The GOP is now the party of “slightly less tax hikes.”

[…]  Taxes are the foundational corner-stone of the Republican voting base. The Republican Party is arguably on the wrong side of many shifting cultural issues. President George W. Bush squandered any advantage the party had on controlling government spending. One of its final appeals to voters has been that the party wouldn’t feed the government spending beast with more taxes. You simply cannot control government spending by giving it more revenue. The history of modern governance dictates that increased revenue will simply move the baseline of spending higher.

[…]  Keeping taxes low is an existential position for the modern Republican Party. It is one of the last issue appeals it has that registers with voters. And yet, they are allowing the Democrat-Media industrial complex to negotiate themselves into surrendering it.

If they do so, why would anyone vote for a Republican ever again?

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Why, indeed?

Jessica Stanton at the Daily Caller reports that the establishment Republicans have a “doomsday” plan for trying to ride the fence:

Republicans have reportedly drafted a “Doomsday Plan” in anticipation of a stalemate on fiscal cliff negotiations.

ABC News reports that a large group of Republicans could vote “present” on a bill extending the Bush-era middle class tax cuts. This would assure the bill passes solely on Democratic votes, signifying Republicans’ refusal to only extend tax cuts for one subset of citizens.

The bill would be void of any unemployment or tax reform and also would not raise the debt ceiling, measures that President Barack Obama favors.  Such a scenario would force Obama and congressional Democrats to address massive spending cuts as soon as they return from the holiday recess.

[…]  Two senior Republican elected officials told ABC News this contingency plan is “becoming the most likely scenario.”

The Doomsday plan could allow Republicans to escape the blame for tax increases that would hit nearly all Americans after New Year’s Day.

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