Obama Takes Hard Line, Promises To Go Over Fiscal Cliff If Marxist Demands Aren’t Met

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This is not going to end well.

John Gizzi reports at Human Events:

In terms that are easily the toughest-sounding it has so far uttered on the subject, the White House today insisted again that taxes “have to go up on millionaires and billionaires” and that the President “will not sign an extension” of present tax rates for the top two per cent of wage-earners (who are not all “millionaires and billionaires”).

Although the Obama Administration has made it clear for sometime now that an increase in tax rates on the highest wage-earners was a non-negotiable part of any deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” Press Secretary Jay Carney used his strongest language yet on this point today.

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Neil Munro reports that Obama has promised he’s willing to “go over the cliff” if the GOP doesn’t bow to his hostage demands:

White House sources are telling Democratic reporters that the president is willing to go over the so-called “fiscal cliff” if GOP leaders don’t agree to his demand for higher tax rates on the wealthy without substantive spending cuts.

A political deadlock would mean an automatic tax increase for middle-class and wealthy Americans on January 1, and the opportunity for Obama and the Democrats to push a tax-cutting bill for middle-class voters in 2013, say the White House officials, who leaked the claim to two liberal columnists.

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Josh Barro at Bloomberg calls the president’s actions “irresponsible”:

After the Republicans’ counteroffer on the fiscal cliff today, ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted a response from a senior White House official: “if GOP doesnt agree to higher rates for top 2%, we’ll go over the cliff and the American people will hold them responsible.” This is a hugely irresponsible threat from President Barack Obama’s administration.

[I}f the White House really is willing to risk an austerity crisis unless it gets its way on an unrelated policy matter — then the Obama Administration is as irresponsible as it often accuses Republicans of being.

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Donald Lambro opines at The Washington Times:

President Obama would have failed Negotiations 101. If there was such a course, the first rule would be “do not insult the people you’re dealing with.

[…]  In a few weeks, our country could be pushed back into another recession if both sides cannot agree on a way to prevent everyone’s taxes from rising sharply on Jan. 1.

Yet there was Mr. Obama, acting as though his political blood sport campaign isn’t over, going on the attack and making a meaningless offer to Mr. Boehner that was nothing more than his original budget proposal, which Congress had rejected out of hand: $60 billion a year in spending reductions, a puny 1.6 percent out of a nearly $4 trillion annual budget.

On top of that, he wanted Congress to give him greater powers than he already has, which the Constitution explicitly gives to Congress: control over raising the debt limit when and how he wishes.

Mr. Boehner responded with great restraint, telling reporters that the president clearly wasn’t taking these negotiations seriously. Mr. Obama, he remarked, had made a “la-la-land offer.”

“We could have responded in kind, but we decided not to do that,” the Ohio congressman said. It was a class act versus a Chicago-style, former community organizer who thinks he is still in the 2012 campaign and that this is no time for leadership.

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Clearly Obama thinks he can get away with this behavior because he knows the media will blame the Republicans no matter what.

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