Pixie Dust & Unicorns – Metro Believes

Posted on December 8, 2012 by


The brain-trust at Metro, having twice failed in its grand plans to “create jobs and spur economic development” with its “Oregon Convention Center”, remains convinced that it’ll all work out this time, if only they can get their hands on some more taxpayer money to build a spiffy 600-room Convention Center Hotel.


We’ve turned them down already on this, but that doesn’t matter – taxpayers turned them down on the plan to double the size of the OCC, and Metro did it anyway.

Now, their bigger, better OCC loses $10 million a year. Obviously, the answer to all of this is to once again ignore the taxpayers (Constituents? What constituents?) and forge ahead with a hotel. It shouldn’t cost more than a bit over $330,000 per room, so it’s a great deal. How’d that last “public/private investment” work out over there at “The Nines” hotel?

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