Union Pricing

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If unions are good for industry, then being treated like a union should be good for union workers, right? I can’t help but wonder, though, if they’d buy their own economics…

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I’m opening a mortgage company and, in honor of the union protests in Michigan, I’d like to introduce union prices.

You get a 30-year mortgage for the price of a 50-year mortgage. I call it the 50-30 plan. Oh, I don’t mean you can take longer to pay it off, I mean you get 20 extra years of additional payments.

Why? Because that’s what unions add to costs.

You don’t just pay for labor while they’re working for 30 years, you get to pay for an extra 20 years (or more) of retirement after they stopped working. (Well, after they “officially” stopped working anyway.)

After all, if it’s good for the auto industry, it should be good for the auto worker.

Oh, and these payments are premium! Meaning you’ll pay a premium. These payments are 10% higher than our competitor.

Plus, you have no say because you’re forced to use my company. But hey! You’re union. You’re used to this.

And we wouldn’t want you to be logically inconsistent, would we?

I’ll throw in another premium to pay for my salary. But since you pay for union bosses, I figure you won’t mind. Especially since they negotiated this deal for you.