Oregon Governor, Portland Mayor, Lawmakers Push For Gun Restrictions

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The gun-grabbers have been licking their chops ever since the Clackamas Mall shooting.  They’re determined to disarm the law-abiding public, on e bill at a time.

Portland’s new mayor weighed in on Monday:

Portland Mayor Charles Hales is demanding action from the U.S. capital to end gun violence.

“We need to get military assault weapons off of our streets,” said Hales in a news conference Monday. “We need to get high capacity ammunition clips off of our streets. We need to make gun trafficking a federal crime.”

He also called for “a law in this nation that requires that every gun buyer have a criminal background check.”

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Earth to Hale: it’s a utopian fantasy to think you can get ANY gun off the streets that a criminal is willing to obtain illegally.   Gun trafficking is ALREADY a crime (which Obama and his entire Justice Dept. has engaged in), and Oregon’s background check laws are already the strictest in the nation.

Gov. Kitzhaber says he supports banning “assault” rifles and gun-free zones in schools (which I’m sure criminals will obey, once they know law-abiding citizens can’t match their firepower).

The Oregon Firearms Federation has released this list of bills currently being considered by the state legislature:

The following are gun bills released so far. Bills with an “X” before them are anti-gun bills. Those with a “+” before them are pro-gun bills, and those with nothing before them  are either neutral or simply make no sense.

SB 346 Creates crime of unlawfully transferring large capacity magazine. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both

SB 347  Modifies crime applicable to possession of firearm, or instrument used as dangerous weapon, while in or on school grounds. Requires entity controlling school grounds to adopt written policy before concealed handgun licensees may assert affirmative defense to crime.

+  HB 2365.Authorizes county sheriff to waive residency requirement for concealed handgun license if applicant resides in another state. (Allows residents of  any state to apply for a CHL in Oregon)

+   HB 2367 Provides nonresidents who are authorized to carry concealed handgun in another state with protections provided to persons with Oregon concealed handgun license

+  HB 2368 Modifies circumstances under which public body may disclose concealed handgun license information.

+   HB 2369.Provides honorably retired law enforcement officers with protections provided to Oregon con- cealed handgun license holders

+  HB 2376  Modifie s authority of county sheriff related to issuance and revocation of concealed handgun license.

HB 2377 Authorizes issuance of concealed handgun license to person convicted or diverted for certain marijuana offenses in another jurisdiction, if conviction or diversion is equivalent to conviction or diversion that does not operate as bar to obtaining license under Oregon law.
Expands class of marijuana convictions that do not operate as bar to obtaining concealed handgun license to include misdemeanor conviction for possession of marijuana that was committed before possession of less than one ounce was made punishable solely by fine under Oregon law.

Read more at the Oregon Firearms Federation

4 things you can do right now to protect your 2nd Amendment rights:

1. Contact your county sheriff and ask them not to enforce any of Obama’s new “executive fiat” restrictions.

2. Go to the Oregon Tea Party “Events” page and get trained as a citizen lobbyist to fight back against anti-liberty bills in the Oregon legislature.

3. Join the Oregon Firearms Federation and a national gun-rights organization like the NRA, Gun Owners of America or the National Association For Gun Rights.

4. Participate in a peaceful demonstration like the upcoming “Gun Appreciation Day” on Jan 19th at your state capitol. Be sure to follow the laws regarding concealed and open carry on state property and to comply with law enforcement to demonstrate that responsible, law-abiding gun owners are NOT the problem, but the SOLUTION.

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