National Guard Conducts Terror Drill That Portrays ‘Disgruntled’ 2nd Amendment Supporters As The Attackers

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So far, they’ve used Tea Partiers, Pro-lifers and Christian homeschoolers as the villains for these drills.  Now they’re implicating supporters of the 2nd Amendment as potential terrorists.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

WSAZ News reports:

A dead science teacher, weapons of mass destruction, first responders in hazmat suits and the Ohio Army National Guard all near the Municipal Stadium in Portsmouth, Thursday. There’s no cause for alarm — this is just a drill!

[…]  The make-believe scenario is timely. Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.

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That’s what the media calls “timely?”  American citizens concerned about losing their 2nd Amendment rights supposedly resorting to terrorist attacks?    There is no such indication that such a “timely” threat even exists – apart from the wild imaginations of Leftists who consider anybody who disagrees with their agenda to be a dangerous “extremist.”

From the Portsmouth Daily Times:

“I think sometimes we tend to think of terrorism as just international terrorism,” Portsmouth Fire Chief Bill Raison said. “What’s the likelihood that’s coming to Portsmout, Ohio? Most people think it’s not very likely. But we forget that there’s a lot of domestic terrorism. There’s organizations and things that go on within the United States that can be every bit as devastating as the international terrorism is. The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist event. So we need to understand that those kinds of potential are here on a domestic level. And then also I think we need to remember that we’re not exempt from international terrorism. In fact, if I wanted to terrorize this country I would terrorize small town America.”

Read more at the Portsmouth Daily Times

If they weren’t so hell-bent on purging all references to radical Islam from their terror training materials, while at the same time portraying conservatives  as violent extremists, maybe I’d take their terror drills a little more seriously.

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