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I was made to simply sit back and watch as this epic rant unfolded. You will be smarter after you read it.

An Open Tweet Letter to Young Voters

All those government goodies are going to cost you more than you want to pay. Here’s how you’re being played and what you can do about it

  1. Thanks to @GilesMcK who storified most of this little Twitter rant shortly after I finished. Go show him some love, k?

An Open Tweet Letter to Young Voters (with image, tweets) · jimmiebjr · Storify.

Full rant:


An Open Tweet Letter to Young Voters

All those government goodies are going to cost you more than you want to pay. Here’s how you’re being played and what you can do about it

  1. Thanks to @GilesMcK who storified most of this little Twitter rant shortly after I finished. Go show him some love, k?
  2. It’s not sunset on America yet.
  3. “GReen” politics isn’t anti-capitalism. It’s anti-you. “Green” zealots want you to live in cold, dark places, eating cold, horrible food.
  4. You see someone who wants you to give up light bulbs and warm houses? Laugh at them, then make sure they never touch political power. Ever.
  5. You know those people who want to raise the minimum wage? They don’t want young people in the job market. They want them dependent.
  6. Why on Earth do you think the same “raise the minimum wage” people also want to keep people locked into their parents’ health insurance?
  7. It’s not because they’re being *kind*. It’s because they get a few more years of control. They are control-freaks. Power-hungry tools.
  8. Take a good look some time at what the minimum wage has done to employment rates of young people. It’s brutal.
  9. But once those entry-level, “learn as you earn” jobs get priced out of the market, what’s left? College. Specifically, college loan debt.
  10. And who just spent a couple years putting college loans in the hands of the same government that jacked up the minimum wage? *DING DING*
  11. So, the very same people who ran young people out of entry-level jobs and pushed them into college also took control of college loans.
  12. And those *very same* people are locking young people into their parents health insurance plans until they’re 26. Well, hmmm…
  13. What might a reasonably intelligent person say about someone who did all three of those things in the past four years? Come on. Think.
  14. For goodness’ sake, think like a politician who just shunted young people into *at least* a decade of debt for which they hold the note.
  15. Think like the political who holds paper on how many college graduates who also depend on that politician’s lackeys for health insurance.
  16. But wait, you say! I can open a small business, you say. Maybe do some grunt work to pay off that debt, you say. Haul junk. Landscaping.
  17. *BUZZ!!* No dice, dude. you don’t get to do *any* of that without at least two permits from, guess who, MOAR BUREAUCRATS!
  18. So now they control your debt, your health care, your job prospects, and your ability to work for yourself to pay off the debt.
  19. Now here’s the funny part, really. Okay, not so much funny as heart-breakingly sad. Ready? Listen closely. Bend in so you hear it.
  20. Do you feel like a sap? No? Well, you will, in just a couple years when the bills come due. Oh, wait. Did I mention bills? Hang on.
  21. I have one more thing about those bills. See, it’s about that health care. You know, the police you’re on with your parents? Yeah.
  22. The second you get off that policy, you’re going to have a choice. You can buy a policy of your own, approved by the bureaucrats, or…
  23. …you can pay a fine. Umm…I mean a tax. See, the government says you *have* to pay them even if you don’t want. Even if you don’t need.
  24. You can’t just set money aside in case something bad happens, and pay the bill with your savings. Oh, no. You have to pay every year.
  25. And you’re not paying for you. You won’t use as much health care as you pay for. You’ll pay for the health care of — TA DA — your parents.
  26. So that policy you rode on until you were 26? Congrats. You’ll be paying for it once you get off it. More than you want or need.
  27. But this isn’t about your need. It’s about control, and you are not your own person any more. You’re not in control any more. You’re a cog.
  28. You’re a little cog in a huge machine and you have a job. Work. Work every day. For someone else. Not for you. Never for you.
  29. This is your life now. You belong to THE MAN. You take THE MAN’s wage, go to THE MAN’s doctor, retire when THE MAN says.
  30. You buy what THE MAN allows you to buy, drive the car THE MAN wants you to drive, watch movies THE MAN says get made.
  31. Sucks, huh? Sucks hard. Well, you did choose it. You liked it on Facebook and RTed it on Twitter, and up-voted it on Reddit.
  32. You sucked down the happy juice and shared it with all your friends and now…what? What’s it look like for you?
  33. Look, I’ll be honest. This new world THE MAN has put together, it’s pretty good for folks like me. I’m heading into the sweet spot.
  34. I’m about in my mid-40s now. I should be starting businesses and hiring you guys and setting you up for your own businesses and success.
  35. I should have loads of disposable income on which I can shower you. Buy your stuff. I’m tech-savvy. I want your apps and tunes and movies.
  36. But that tax bite is tearing me down, setting me up for when I’m in my 60s and you’re paying my freight. I hate that.
  37. Let me say that again. I hate that. With a passion you can’t even begin to imagine. I want it to be different. I want to help you succeed.
  38. I want to teach you every single trick I know and I want you to rock the whole freaking planet. I want you to invent and cure and live.
  39. I want to kick this world in its ass and get it moving then hand you the torch so you can light the fuse and make it really take off.
  40. I can’t do it without you, though. I need your help. I need your enthusiasm, energy, humor, and savvy. I have lots of my own. I need more.
  41. Seriously, we can fix this. We can make things right. We can put the country back in your hands and in mine. We can. WE CAN!
  42. You have to stop buying the hype. You have to push your friends and family to stop buying the hype. I promise I’ll do the same. Promise.
  43. I will not leave you hanging. I will not abandon you. Get right beside me and let’s do this. Let’s throw those control freaks out. Every one
  44. I don’t give a rat’s ass what their party is. Democrat, Republican, don’t matter. If they want to control your life or mine, they’re done
  45. Washington can not make the calls anymore. They’re blown it. Wrecked the whole thing. Look around. See the #Fail.
  46. They blew it and they don’t get a second chance. End their careers. Throw them out and all their puling little bureaucrat buddies.
  47. Get on my shoulder. We will handle our business. We got this. You know we do.
  48. Really, the only question today is: ARE YOU READY TO DO THIS? I think you are. Let’s go.
  49. BY the way, I’m not telling you to follow me. I’m not even asking. CRap, the last thing I want is for you to follow me. Stop following.
  50. Following is what got us into this godawful mess. We follow too much. We get in line too often. Don’t follow me. Do. Not.
  51. Get beside me. Cover my flank. Get my back. Get your friends’ backs. Cover each other. Everyone moves forward. Lead. Go. Do.
  52. Don’t ask permission from anyone. Not me. Not a politician. Not a so-called leader.
  53. You like what I’m doing? Share it. Make stuff like it. Share that. Build your own groups. You do it. Yes, you.
  54. You’re not a leader? Cool. Neither am I. I don’t know what I am. I’m just a guy. I blog. I write. I do a podcast. I tweet.
  55. But I figure if there are enough of us who look at the control-freaks right in their beady, greedy eyes and shout “NO!!!!!”, we’ll win.

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