Liberal Loony Lefty Lady (L4) Debates Pro-Gunners

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Liberal LoonDateline Salem Oregon – January 19, 2013:  “You don’t even know what you want to ban!”  So begins the debate between “Liberal Looney Lefty Lady” (L4) and a well informed group of pro-gunners.  The impromptu interaction occurred following the “Guns Across America Rally” held in front of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem Oregon at High Noon .  A lone counter-protestor looking like a B52s wannabe world tour drop out, sported a pretty cool foot-high Bouffont hairdo, and bore a homemade sign reading “WE HAVE THE BEST EQUIPPED MASS MURDERERS IN THE WORLD.” … read the full story and click here to see the video at DAYLIGHTDISINFECTANT.COM.

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