Columbia River Crossing Boondoggle

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Expensive (2)xThose who voted “yes” for the Oregon Columbia River Crossing (CRC) boondoggle on February 18, 2013 after listening to groups from all over the political spectrum state reason after reason why the public does not want the CRC in its current form. These folks still voted yes, and it goes forth, and we all get to pay. Start your letter writing/emailing/phone calling now:

Rep. John Davis
Rep. Cliff Bentz
Sen. Bruce Starr
Rep. Kevin Cameron
Rep. Julie Parrish

Rep. Tobias Read
Sen. Chris Edwards
Sen. Lee Beyer
Sen. Rod Monroe
Rep. Margaret Doherty
Rep. Chris Gorsek
Rep. John Lively
Rep. Caddy McKeown
Rep. Nancy Nathanson

Those who voted against it and I thank them for taking a stand even when they knew full well they were in the minority. I thank them:

Senator Chuck Thomsen
Senator Fred Girod
(who by the way, knows how to make those committee chairs FULLY recline)

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