Caught In Lie, Oregon State Senator Plays For Sympathy

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She stands against “intimidation” – when it suits her.images (1)

Democrat State Senator Ginny Burdick, an inveterate gun-grabber and author of several efforts to relieve Oregonians of the burdens imposed by their Constitutional rights, was to hold a “town hall” meeting at Portland State University last night, but at the last minute cancelled the event, citing “scheduling conflicts”.

An interested citizen parked across the street from her Portland townhouse and filmed as she arrived home, well in advance of the cancelled town hall meeting, dutifully took in her recycling bins, collected her mail, and then remained inside – apparently, these activities constituted the “scheduling conflict” that prevented her from meeting with her constituents. The video was posted to YouTube, and Jeff Reynolds, who is chairman of Multnomah County Republicans and Oregon editor for Watchdog Wire (among other things) posted it to the website along with other material that indicates that Burdick had, in fact, lied about her reason for cancelling the event.

The Oregonian newspaper picked up the story, running it under the headline “Gun rights supporters post video clip outside home of gun control supporter Sen. Ginny Burdick” – an odd way of phrasing it, as it might lead one to believe that somebody had posted something outside the Senator’s home. In any case, Ginny’s reported as stating:

“It was clearly an attempt to intimidate me,” Burdick said Tuesday morning. “It’s a sad time when people feel they can intimidate people like that.”

“I think it’s a concern because these people are very angry and they’re carrying guns,” Burdick said. “It’s not a good combination.”

The clip showed the need for “reasonable gun laws so people who are mentally unstable or threatening” do not have access to guns, she said.

Poor Ginny. She got caught in a lie, so immediately plays the Sympathy card; claiming that somebody filming in a public place was attempting to intimidate or threaten her. They may even be mentally unstable. Oh, golly!

Of course, Ginny herself is not only unstable, but goes to great lengths to harass and attempt to intimidate others:

During this entire day I felt that Senator Burdick was trying to intimidate me for attending a rally in opposition to her anti-gun agenda. There was absolutely no reason for her to contact my employer concerning my status because my Team Leader and Manager would not have let me have that day off if I had not requested it as a vacation day.

Plays like this do little to engender sympathy for the Senator; as well, they serve to undermine her credibility. Her own history betrays her.


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