Let's Throw Some Paint

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I am a born and raised Republican. I have never NOT been a registered Republican. I am the daughter of an Air Force officer when he retired, he had the honor of saying “Commander in Chief, Ronald Reagan.”

I have also read almost every single piece of legislation that has been introduced this session.

I won’t ever change my registration, but I have earned the right to give suggestions. Here is one of my biggies to my Republican leadership who makes decision in Salem, OR. This is the same leadership who also sits in a minority and truly has limited power to stop crappy legislation from happening.

1) I see a trend with the liberal majority in how they introduce legislation. It’s like taking paint and spattering it on a wall 100 yards away. You know most of it will miss and not make it, but a few spatters will.
2) If you don’t succeed to pass something this session…..just keep on including it in the next can of paint for the next session. And throw it again, and again and yet again.
3) What that succinctly does to anyone standing in front of the wall? They are busy dodging the stuff that is flying and not paying attention to the stuff that is sticking. Read that statement again. And if you still aren’t getting it, read it yet again.

Here is an example. Bad legislation typically has the clause stating “and declares an emergency” on it. That does two things:
1) Makes it effective immediately.
2) More importantly it removes the ability for a group of citizens to say “Hey, no way!!” and gather signatures to put it on a ballot for a vote. Once it’s signed, oh well.

So why not throw out a few pieces of legislation that puts a law into effect removing the “declares an emergency” option from a bill? I have ideas like this aaaallllllllllll the time and I mention it to a Republican legislator and it’s like they have heard it in a secret training manual because the answer is always the same, “That will never pass.”

I swear if I hear that again, I might bust a vessel! I don’t care if it doesn’t pass. Legislation doesn’t pass every single damn day. I just want the chance to start the conversation on the topic. Throw the paint and have the chance to miss. Why? Because if I miss, I’ll try again the next session again, and again and again, until my paint sticks.

Why? Because that is what the liberal side does, and it works pretty good for them. It’s time we took a play out of their play book and quit dodging paint and start throwing it.

I want the opposition to walk away from the legislative battle wearing some paint. Right now, they haven’t got a smudge on ’em, and that ain’t right.

Post Script–Yes, I know there are two sentences with double negatives.

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