Doctor Gosnell: The Cold Reality of Abortion

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Now I want to preface this story with a little bit of information about me. I am not one of those people you will see out on Facebook posting pictures of fetuses. I’m not the guy who pickets abortion clinics or makes the abortion debate his #1 issue. But what I am is a person who would never abort a child, because it’s a child. I believe that a human life is such a complex thing, and it shouldn’t be destroyed on a whim, at any stage of life.

I find this case barbaric. Just skimming the Grand abortion-clinic-investigation-jpeg-620x412Jury Report made me nauseous.  This case is drawing out anger and disgust against the abortionist Doctor Kermit Gosnell, from those who are pro-life and pro-choice. The question I ask is… why? Why this specific case? Bear with me.

News has been coming out that this abortion clinic was absolutely a house of horrors. is reporting on this, and shared a segment from the Grand Jury Report in their article. I appreciate that, because the temptation is to glaze over the details. This kind of thing needs to be heard though. I want to warn you right now: this is disturbing.

Furniture and blankets were stained with blood. Instruments were not properly sterilized. Disposable medical supplies were not disposed of; they were reused, over and over again. Medical equipment – such as the defibrillator, the EKG, the pulse oximeter, the blood pressure cuff – was generally broken; even when it worked, it wasn’t used. The emergency exit was padlocked shut. And scattered throughout, in cabinets, in the basement, in a freezer, in jars and bags and plastic jugs, were fetal remains. It was a baby charnel house.

This story has not been getting nearly as much attention as it should be, mainly because I think most people would rather not hear about the terrible things that happen under their noses, despite having all the power in the world to change them. I think that’s going to change. Social Media activism and journalists who actually deserve to keep their jobs are ensuring that this story is reported on. Yet why has it taken a story of absolutely gruesome proportions to draw attention to what happens in abortion clinics?

I sense an argument against me forming already. “Whoa whoa, hold on Ben. Not all abortion clinics do what Gosnell did. Don’t make a bogus argument like this.”And you’re right. Most abortion clinics don’t kill babies in the way that Kermit Gosnell did (allegedly, but the evidence is overwhelming.) But regardless, all abortion clinics kill babies. That’s what abortion means. We can debate the meaning of “alive” all we want, but let me just quote the Wikipedia article about it. I hate quoting Wikipedia for obvious reasons, but I think it works in this situation.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. The term abortion most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy.

I’m looking specifically at the part about miscarriage. I know a lot of people who have had miscarriages. It’s always been an absolutely miserable experience. It’s sad. It’s tragic. Their baby is dead. Yet an abortion is glazed over, even though it’s acknowledged as being very similar to a miscarriage, but it’s done because of a choice. The fact that it’s a choice takes away the sadness, the tragedy, and the baby being “dead.” Now, it’s just “not viable.”  The baby isn’t being killed, it’s just being… removed. Even though with a miscarriage, in which the same thing happens through different means, the baby has died.

Abortion is not a clear cut issue. It can be passed off as performing a “public service” for either the mother, the aborted child, or the community.

Although information about Doctor Kermit Gosnell is being scrubbed from the internet – this includes a request on his Wikipedia page calling for its deletion, and the suddenly missing interview between Gosnell and Fox 29’s Thomas Drayton – Wikipedia captured a few shocking quotes from the “good” doctor.

“I expect to be vindicated […] It’s something I have personally experienced several times before where my surgical abilities have been challenged, where the choices that I have made have not always been perfect […] If you are not making mistakes, you are not really attempting to do something, so I think that my patients are aware that I do my very best by them […] The standard that I share with everyone that, I frequently say is that I provide the same care that I would provide my own daughter, I feel […] I have a story to tell. […] Thomas, my work to the community is of value.”

“I have gotten wonderful little messages of support, Gosnell allegedly said in the missing interview, “and confidence that I am a good person will prevail.”

Whether Kermit Gosnell goes down in history as a “good person” will be decided in his trial.

Check out Kirsten Powers’ article about this. She is a true journalist.

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