Give It Up, Legacy Media

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A good working definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, always expecting a different result. By that definition, the American legacy media are collectively nuts.

Note to legacy media: it may be about time to consider shutting the hell up. Let’s face it – you’ve never been right; you’ve been drooling Leftists continually blaming the “right-wing”. And you’ve been wrong every damned time.

And speaking of legacy media, it’s long past time to stop the use of taxpayer dollars to fund organizations like NPR and PBS. If they can’t compete in the open market, let them die.

The kids who shot up Columbine weren’t “right-wing extremists”; their parents are fine, upstanding little Democratics, just as Kip Kinkel’s parents were before he murdered them and shot up his high school in Springfield, Oregon. The Clinton administration, under Attorney General Janet Reno, was responsible for both Ruby Ridge and Waco, and when Tim McVeigh was caught after the Oklahoma City bombing, he stated that he did it to avenge the murders carried out by government at Waco, although Clinton and others had immediately blamed Rush Limbaugh and others.

In the wake of the Tucson shootings, the legacy media duly blamed the “tone of incivility” emanating from the “right-wing extremists” such as Sarah Palin; a theme which President Obama immediately picked up and ran with, calling for more civility. Of course, that was before his “gun control” bill got shot down in the Senate – whereupon he called opponents of the bill “willful liars”. Apparently, civility goes only one way, as far as he’s concerned.

In the aftermath of the Aurora shootings, legacy media rushed to identify the shooter as “apparently connected with the TEA party movement”. He wasn’t. Wrong again – hopeful as always, but wrong.

And now, having firmly assured Americans that the Boston bombings were likely connected to “right-wing extremist domestic terrorists”, the legacy media is proven wrong once again. That’s because, dear legacy media boys and girls, the “tighty-righties” don’t roll like that.

What a surprise: the actual suspects are foreign adherents of the Religion of Piece™ – yes, dear legacy media types: Muslims.

Meanwhile, actual domestic terrorists – inevitably hard Leftists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – are hired to teach at American universities. There’s something terribly wrong with our country, but it’s not due to the right wing. It’s time the legacy media types took a look in the mirror.

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