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Open Letter to Portland Mayor, Sam Adams

May 31, 2012 by


I want to let you know a dangerous thing happened to my family this morning because of your policies. ■I walked out to my back porch to let my dogs (we are dog sitting so for now, it’s plural) out. I saw on my back porch smearing of garbage. Honestly it looked like an animal […]

Mad Bomber vs. Blogger: Update

May 30, 2012 by


It appears that blogger Aaron Walker, who was arrested yesterday following a hearing in which convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin claimed that by continuing to blog about him, Walker had somehow violated a “Peace Order” that the convicted terrorist had obtained against the blogger. Retired Judge CORNELIUS J. VAUGHEY inexplicably agreed, and moreover stated that he didn’t care about the […]

Domestic Terrorist Has Conservative Blogger Jailed

May 29, 2012 by


This is how twisted America has become: a convicted terrorist is released from prison before serving his 50-year sentence for blowing people up, pays not a cent of the $1.2 million judgement against him awarded to the widow of a bombing victim, has a documented penchant for lying, yet manages to get a conservative blogger […]

Obama's Memorial Day Photo-Op Blocks Families, Vets From D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall For 7 Hours

May 28, 2012 by


On Memorial Day, the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. is supposed to look like this: Instead, for seven long hours, it looked like this: Obama’s secret service shut down the memorial for most of the day, as families and veterans who had come to pay their respects to fallen loved ones were forced to stay hundreds […]

Barry Repetitive

May 27, 2012 by


He’s really into recycling, apparently, as this is at least the fourth iteration of his soviet-style intimidation campaign – the only thing he changes about it is the name, which this time around is “Obama Truth Team“. As usual, he wants folks to rat out their co-workers, neighbors, or anybody else that isn’t parroting back the official […]

'Hustler' Publishes Fake Sexually Explicit Pic Of Conservative Commentator In Misogynist Attack

May 25, 2012 by


The Blaze first reported that Hustler magazine had photoshopped a picture of S.E. Cupp to depict her performing oral sex in order to humiliate her for her pro-life politics. The outcry was so bad that even Planned Parenthood and Sandra Fluke have publicly condemned Hustler for their brazenly sexist attack.   If they had objectified […]

Oregon Education Association Isn't Hiding It Anymore, Brags About Teaming With Occupy And Socialists

May 25, 2012 by


We’ve previously pointed out that the teacher strikes in East Multnomah County have been coordinated behind the scenes with Occupy Portland and the International Socialists Organization: Oregon Save Our Schools – Affiliated With Socialists And Occupy? At first, it appeared that the OEA wanted at least to maintain some separation for the purposes of plausible […]