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Obama Ninja Stupidity Flashbomb

October 18, 2012 by


A few months back, I mentioned how Obama uses Ninja flash bombs of stupidity. I call it that because the ninja used flash bombs at night to temporarily stun their opponents. Obama uses this same technique. No transcript today, you’ll have to listen: I Spy Minute for Thurs. Oct 18 2012   #iSpyMin @iSpyRadioShow Advertisements

Sugary Treats

October 17, 2012 by


The big news this morning isn’t just Obama lying, but the “moderator” as well. Don’t blame Candy. She’s merely doing what she’s been trained to do. It used to be that reporters reported the news, now they’re told in journalism school to interpret the news for their hapless audience. Thus, stepping in to the middle […]

Podcast: I Spy Minute – Yes, Virginia, It's Obamacare

May 18, 2012 by


Coordiniated Care Organizations were pushed through with HB 3650, and enacted with SB 1580 and SB 1509. Marion County just signed an agreement with a CCO and they’re lurching into a county near you. Proponents of CCOs have been out there saying, CCOs are not Obamacare, that this is “only” about Medicaid. Nothing to see […]

Podcast: I Spy Minute – Obamacare Shoved on Marion County

May 11, 2012 by


Have you heard about CCOs? Coordinated Care Organizations? Probably not. But they’re coming to a county near you if you’re in Oregon. The bills where shoved through the legislature under the guise of a “crisis,” that we were out of time, and it would save money. Now Marion County is being pressured to sign on […]

Podcast: I Spy Minute – Obamacare comes to Marion County

May 10, 2012 by


The first lurching step toward Obamacare is coming to Marion County–if two out of three “Republican” County Commissioners have their way. We’ll be talking with the lone hold out this Saturday on the I Spy Radio Show, heard on KYKN, 11-noon. Take a listen: I Spy Minute Thurs May 10 2012 Or read the transcript […]

Podcast: I Spy Minute – Obamacare's "Transparency" Hits Home

May 9, 2012 by


It’s amazing what passes for “transparency” these days. Nancy Pelosi’s pledge to clean up the swamp and be the most open and transparent government was an epic fail during her regime–especially over Obamacare. We’ll have to pass it so you’ll know what’s in it. Now, it’s hitting much closer to home. Take a listen: I […]

Podcast: The I Spy Minute – More "Transparency" from the Feds

May 8, 2012 by


Ever heard of the Federal Register? It gives cover for federal agencies to skirt public-notice laws before implementing new rules. It’s public disclosure without genuine public disclosure. It’s how bad administrative rules and fiats are spawned into existence. Take a listen: I Spy Minute Tues May 8 2012 Or read the transcript below. #       #       […]